Chi Silk Infusion 



Apply when damp for best results. Can also apply when dry, it gives hair a nice moisturised shine.

Adore Crystal Clear

Creative Image Adore Crystal Clear (118ml) - KCA Supplies Direct Ltd

A must use with every wash and condition. Amazing for adding extra shine and silkiness to your bundles and wigs. Can be used on natural hair also 

Purple Shampoo


Best used for bleached knots or hair to reduce brassiness. Put some in hot/warm water and soak hair or lace system for 15 mins. repeat till satisfied 

Colourwow Dreamcoat  

One of the best products to keep your hair silky smooth. Adds protection against frizz and dryness.

Satin Bonnet

Satin bonnets keep the moisture of your hair locked in and does not damage hair. Can be used while wearing wigs or with natural hair. 

Wig storage bags 

Storing wigs is a pain even if you have a satin bag. This wig storage bag makes it easy to sore your hair and wigs when not in use. Simply hang it up.